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Dear Fellow Retired Sergeant,

As we go from Summer to Fall, change comes in all different forms during our lives. We must take all things in stride and continue with our best foot forward. I thank all of you for the positive responses regarding our efforts in keeping the membership informed regarding the new Medicare Advantage Plus Plan that the city has forced on those retirees that it affects. I am happy to report, implementation of the plan and the “opt out deadline” October 31, 2021, has been suspended pending court review of the plan, court evaluation of the capability and readiness of the new provider, The Alliance, and a review that the new plan operates to the benefit of NYC retirees. It is important, affected members recognize this is a postponement and not a termination of the Medicare Advantage Plus Plan implementation. Members are encouraged to use this time to carefully review the impact of this change on themselves and their families. The RSA in partnership with the SBA will continue to advocate for our members. As information comes in, we will update you regularly.

I want to thank those members that were able to attend our Staten Island and Mineola meetings, it was great to see people out and about during these trying times. Hopefully we can turn a corner with this virus, and we are able to get back to some normalcy. As we move forward, we will be in Florida on January 26, 2022 at the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hotel so we hope to see those Florida members and those who decide to take a trip and get away from the New York City cold. I hope everyone and their families stays safe and healthy and enjoy the upcoming holidays. See you in Florida.

Larry Kelly