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VIDEO: NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan Presentation

Dear RSA Member,

The SBA hosted a webinar on Monday, August 23rd, on the new City Medicare plan, NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan. Many of our members attended this webinar. The webinar consisted of a presentation of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, by the Alliance (Empire BCBS/Emblem Health) and Errol Ogman, SBA Fund Administrator, explaining the implementation process and members’ options.

The Alliance and Mr. Ogman answered many questions from the attendees as well those that were emailed to the RSA. The SBA recorded this webinar and is making it available for those who were either unable to attend or wish to view it again.

Please, those who are on Medicare or approaching Medicare eligibility should watch this webinar. We are receiving a tremendous amount of questions and member concerns regarding this new Medicare Advantage plan.

The webinar answers most of the questions and address most of members’ concerns.


NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan Presentation


Larry Kelly, President

Bobby Cotumaccio, Vice President


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