New York Daily News | Updated April 12, 1995 | 12:00 AM By John Marzulli

In 1995, the Department actually entertained the idea of bringing back the leather jacket for Patrol. Of course we all know that never happened. See below article.

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New York cops may be wearing leather jackets again soon. Police Commissioner William Bratton has made no secret of his distaste for the nylon duty jacket officers currently wear and yesterday a representative of a Tennessee leather-apparel manufacturer was at Police Headquarters measuring eight cops for a protoype of the new jacket. Chief of Department Louis Anemone is said to favor leather, too, because it looks "authoritative," police sources said. The prototype will be ready in about a month.

"Police officers will wear-test the coats, then report back," said Paul Furman, a representative for Taylor's Leatherwear Inc., of Tullahoma, Tenn. The NYPD's uniform committee is expected to rule on the coat, which will cost the officers between $250 and $300, later this year. A bomber-style leather coat was worn by radio-car cops in the 1970s, but was discontinued after criticism that it wasn't warm enough and looked too intimidating besides.

Cops, typically, are taking the leather experiment with humor. "Maybe they'll get Carol Shaya to model it," said one officer, referring to the officer who was fired after posing nude in Playboy magazine.