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The Retired Sergeants Association (RSA) was formed in 1995 under the leadership of the late Harold Kamien.

The RSA, which started with a handful of members, currently boasts a membership in the thousands with participants residing in 49 states, as well as in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Europe.

The RSA is very active in contacting our elected officials to submit legislation that will benefit our membership. We are at the forefront of providing current and accurate information to our members. Recently, we performed extensive research on HR-218 (pertaining to retirees’ right to carry a concealed weapon) with the intention of educating our membership. We are currently researching the issue for non-HR-218 friendly states.

The RSA provides services to our retired sergeants daily on a collective and individual basis via phone and email. Important information may also be found on our website.

Each year, the RSA publishes quarterly informative newsletters and holds four general meetings around the metropolitan NYC area and in Florida. The executive board of the Sergeants Benevolent Association attend each of our general membership meetings. The present leadership of the Sergeants Benevolent Association is made up of honest and sincere individuals who have a genuine friendship with the RSA. However, should the unlikely happens and a less friendly administration should take control of the union, you can be assured that a large and well-financed RSA stands ready to protect our retired sergeants.


When the RSA was created in 1995, the leadership of the Sergeants Benevolent Association at the time was not responsive to retirees. In response to being excluded, the RSA was formed to protest this behavior.

In 2000, the RSA began campaigning in support of Ed Mullins who was a candidate for President for the SBA 2002 Election. His candidacy was successful, and resulted in a new retiree-friendly SBA. Today, the RSA and SBA are close allies. The RSA provides a sincere and honest voice within the SBA on behalf of retired sergeants.