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The Sergeants Benevolent Association Health and Welfare (SBA H&W) Dental program is administrated by EMPIRE DENTAL (Empire BCBS).

There are two types of coverages available to members.

1. A PPO plan, XPO Network (NYC Metro Area)/Dental Complete Network (National) that consists of over 137,000 participating dentists. Where the member can choose any of the participating providers, when choosing a participating provider in most cases there will be no out of pocket fees for covered procedures.

2. A Managed Care plan, Dental HMO (DMHO) Enhanced Care, where the member selects a provider, and his entire family goes to that dental office. Under the Dental HMO your primary care provider will refer you to a specialist if one is required.

These plans together offer retired members a tremendous amount of provider choices across the U.S.A.

Plan participants are strongly encouraged to use the below website to locate the multitude of Empire Dental providers near you.

Once on the site, follow the following steps:

Located in the middle of the web page, Click “Select a plan for basic search”

For Select the type of plan or network, choose from the dropdown: “Dental Plan or Network”

For Select the state where the plan or network is offered, choose from the dropdown:
your State.

For Select how you get health insurance?, choose from the dropdown:

For Select a Plan or Network, choose from the dropdown:
“XPO Network” or “Dental Complete” for the Preferred Provider Organization plan
“Dental HMO (Managed Care)” for the Managed Care plan

Please note:
• When searching for a “XPO” or “Dental Complete” provider, you must enter a location/zip and then you may search by doctor’s name and/or Care Provider type.

• When searching for a Dental HMO (Managed Care) provider, you must enter a location/zip and then you may search by dental facility. Under the Dental HMO you will only be allowed to search by the Care Provider type – “Dentist”, you will need referrals for specialists.

Please contact Adriana at the SBA Health & Welfare Fund at (212) 343-5645 or email at, with any questions or Empire Dental Customer Service at (844) 852-1553.